🌁The Secondary Market

Contrary to the primary market (the auction market), where all the cards are put on sale by the platform, on the secondary market, the cards are sold by the managers. So you can buy and sell your cards there. To buy a card from another manager, you have two options:

  • buy the card directly at the asking price without negotiating.

  • Negotiate with the managers who own this card by sending direct offers.

Buy a card without negotiating

Nothing could be easier. You just have to go to the page of the player in question by typing his name in the search bar, then click on the tab "cards". You will then see all the cards currently for sale. Choose the one you are most interested in, after you have checked its point bonus, year, price, etc. and click on "Buy". You will have to enter your password to validate the sale.

Direct offers on Stradall

  • Send a private message on the dialogue box of the garage or on Discord. You can then discuss the price you think is right.

  • send him a direct offer via his player page. This option allows you to add some of your cards to the transaction or to buy several cards at once from a manager. The manager can then make a counter offer or accept the offer. Sellers will be able to offer the cards for sale at a fixed price or by auction with a floor price. The "Luck" cards Each player can decide to sell these luck cards on the secondary market in the same way as a car card. The longer you keep a luck card in your garage, and the higher the % of its bonus, it can be interesting to buy luck cards to put them in the garage and sell them at a very good price some time later.

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