๐Ÿ‘พThe App

The Manager

When you open the Stradall app, you become a Manager. You receive this title as an NFT. Every action in the game will contribute to your progress. Experience points, rewards, expenses, races, everything is โ€˜โ€™storedโ€™โ€™ in this NFT. It simply becomes your profile page and is the testimony of your career.

The Garage

The Garage is both the starting point of the game and its heart. It is the place where you will store your in-game assets and showcase your inventory to the rest of the community. As a Manager, you will be able to manage, upgrade and customize your cars to outperform your competitors.

Key features of the Garage:

  • Showcase: Managers may display all their NFT car collections in the garage parking slots

  • Inventory: there are a variety of special cards that Managers can acquire such as car parts or luck/chance cards

  • Customization: players may also manage their assets to prepare their cards and strategy for the next race

  • Business: Managers may look at their card dashboard where they are able to send offers, receive bids, bookmark cars for future purchases, look at the transaction historyโ€ฆ

  • Stacking (V2): managers will be able to stack their NFTs in the garage to get exclusive rewards or new game cards to enhance the team's performance

The Avatar

You will get access to a free basic NFT-avatar. This Avatar represents yourself in the eyes of the other players. You will have the opportunity to customize and enhance it in order to unlock specific events and in-game advantages. These customizations will take the form of branded accessories, clothes or apparel. Each piece of equipment will be an NFT in itself and therefore improve the overall value of the Avatar

The Racing Team

One of the main goals for you will be to build and manage your Racing Team. Strategy will be at the core of the game: recruiting other users, lend cards and avatars, carefully pick the right bonus and cars,โ€ฆ Everything in order to unlock specific advantages to put your crew at the top of the podium. Name, logos and hierarchical ranks within your team will be completely customizable and a private chat will be made available to each team to optimize your strategy

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