🚀The Future Vision

The Metaverse

E-sport racing competition

In the Metaverse, Stradall will organize races in the city streets, in the countryside or on Circuit. These races will be carried out by rarity level and by car categories just like in the trading card game.

Yet, unlike the card game, the racing skills of the pilot will be of great importance. Car owners will have the opportunity to select real E-SPORT drivers, like Jordan Sherratt, Gianfranco Giglioli and Giorgio Simonini in Lamborghini Esport on Assetto Corsa Competizione to join them in their team. If your team wins rewards will be shared between holders and drivers.

Young driver's fundation

In parallel to the esport competition, Stradall will provide the opportunity to its community to access a play-toearn game based on the real-life performance of the esport drivers. This play-to-earn will be powered by NFTs representing a specific driver. Investing in such NFT means betting on the future racing esport star and eventually be able to share the royalties of driver's licensing agreement with his community of investors.

Car dealership

Stradall has the ambition to become the first-ever car dealer in the Metaverse with the possibility of test driving the cars in VR on circuits, purchasing the car as a NFT and receiving it its real counterpart at your front door.

Also, for the first time ever, a real car may be bought by several co-owners in the form of several NFTs making the transaction safer and the titles of properties transparent. Those same cars will also have a version in 3D to provide their owners with the experience of benefiting their car in the different games available in the most renowned metaverses where Stradall will organize special events for its community (gatherings, races, private parties, concerts). Payments will be possible in either ETH or $METANOL.

Stradall tower

Stradall tower will be the headquarters of the Stradall ecosystem in the metaverse. It will be used not only as a car dealership but also as a showroom offering all holders to proudly display their cars.

Other services will be included in the tower such as contests and games for the community but more importantly this is where the community could participate in meetings with the management of Stradall Technology and weigh in the decision-making process with their voting rights.


The Decentralized Autonomous Organization will be controlled by members of the Stradall community (developers, investors, top players,…) in the direction of the project with a voting system.

This will have three advantages:

  • The DAO will not be able to be closed or stopped

  • No one will be able to unilaterally control the entity

  • Everything is transparent and auditable, in a supranational framework

The organization will be global. Everyone can participate according to certain criteria, not based on any jurisdiction, operating with a computer code that no one can breach. Participants will be rewarded with $METANOL, NFTs and other tokens. The members of the DAO are not bound by any formal contract. They are bound by a common goal and network incentives related to the consensus rules.

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