👩‍🏫About Stradall

STRADALL is a game of trumps, in which players buy, sell, trade, collect and manage digital cards of prestigious cars.

Managers manage their garage and compose their team (team) in order to participate in virtual races based on the assets (characteristics) of each card all using blockchain technology

The use of blockchain technology allows STRADALL to guarantee the rarity and security of each card issued. The players can therefore freely exchange and use their car card from their team as they wish.

The cards are classified according to 4 levels of rarity per model: Unique (1), Legendary (10), Rare (100) Limited (1000)

Card acquisition is done through an auction system in which all managers can participate. Managers can then buy and sell their cards to other players on a secondary market of the platform. Prices vary according to the attributes, rarity and XP points of the card.


Stradall runs on Ethereum technology to secure ownership and allow for the exchange of cards. With this technology, cards are limited. They cannot be modified, duplicated or deleted. Each car card is represented as a non-fungible token ( NFT) using the ERC-721 token standard on Ethereum.

The play to own & earn game will be built on the Immutable X blockchain (gaming leader blockchain) which is a layer 2 Ethereum and Starkware for maximum security and minimum gas fee.

The team

The board is composed of national and international leaders from each sector to ensure the sustainability of the STRADALL ecosystem over time and to acquire a very long term viability

Whether it's cybersecurity, blockchain development, enterprise and capital management, automotive, gaming, 3D, nft cryptocurrency ecosystem, the leaders and virtuosos of each "sphere" make STRADALL one of the future pillars of the web3.

What does the project consist of?

Although this project is the heart and foundation of the company, it is also intended to be a starting point and generate a variety of future projects.

The initial project Stradall brings together two popular axes: trading cards and Gaming, using the concept of trump card games, still very popular today.

The principle is simple: each collectible card represents a car, with a level of rarity represented by its color (black, gold, silver and blue) and which belongs to a more or less sporting category. ( D, C, B, A,S1,S 2,X)

In addition to the collecting value of the cards, they can also be used as simple playing cards in a variety of exciting game combinations.

You can play just for fun or you can play to win: METANOL, NFT, benefits, real life gifts... The possibilities are virtually endless.

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