🏦The Primary Market

The first possibility to acquire a card on Stradall, is to bid on the primary market. Throughout the day, Stradall puts cards on sale via an auction system accessible to all the managers of the platform. As with any auction, the person who has placed the highest bid when the countdown ends wins the card.

How do I participate?

To take part in an auction, simply go to the "Market" tab in your main menu, click on "New cards" and look for a card that interests you. Once you have found the card, you will need to click on "Bid" to place your bid.

When you place a bid, you can:

  • accept the next level of bidding that the Stradall platform offers you (usually slightly higher than the current bid)

  • directly enter a custom amount to try to secure the card Chance" cards They are put on sale with a fixed price but different according to the level of rarity to which it belongs .

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